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We all know that house prices in the UK are rising, and I personally like to know how much houses are selling for in my area, so here?s a heads up for those other nosey people out there. Logo enables you to search the UK Land Registry database of
houses sold in England and Wales since 2000 and find out all the sales that have occured in a certain location, and how much the houses went for.

Simply put in a postcode (even a partial one will do), a roadname, or even a house name, and you?ll get a detailed list back with the sale date, price, house type, tenure, and n integrated map courtesy of .

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So next time you?re thinking of buying a house, have a quick look on here and see how much more you?re paying for your house than the guy who bought it 5 years ago!

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  1. Adem says:

    Ok, I know it?s not quite about web technology (well it is a bit), but I thought it was actually a useful website.

    I?ll try and get techy again soon.

  2. Stef says:

    That?s kinda funky. I just found out how much my landlord paid for our new gaff. £200k is kinda scary being as it?s small and was a good few years ago!

  3. Its great if you live in an area with a high turnover of property. In my area there?s not many properties being bought and sold. So there data could shock as often you won?t be comparing like for like.


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