Once you pop, you can?t stop

Maybe I?ve been treating myself a little too much lately and not watching the s like I was a few months ago. Today I was really contemplating buying a Nintendo Wii, after a friend was showing me all the cool clips of it in action. Yes it is very cool, but do I really need it? No.

And I know I?ll have plenty of outgoings too as today I got my new exhaust on the car (it?s amazing how quiet it is now), and was also told I?d need to get 3 new tyres, and I need new Road Tax at the end of the month. I?m also still waiting to get an NHS Dentist and have filled out the same form again and personally handed it in to the practice. It?s been a few years since I last went and I know I?m gonna need 2 teeth taken out where I?ve broken them, which will mean a few visits.

Consumerism is very much like Pringles.

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2 Responses to Once you pop, you can?t stop

  1. Aravis says:

    Yes, but Pringles tastes better and, at the rate it?s easy to shop, perhaps even better for you!

    Or is that just my love of Pringles talking?

    Why not save slowly for the Wii as you did the camera? Delayed gratification is still gratification.

    Wow, I should really listen to my own advice. I?m more of an ?instant? type of girl myself.

  2. J says:

    Could you even buy one if you wanted to? I have wanted to buy one as a gift for someone, but I can?t find one anywhere.


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