Should auld acquaintance be forgot

In an effort to not ?have it large? the night before New Years eve, we went around Phil?s for a poker night, with a little bit of Pro Evo stuck in for good measure. 7 of us stuck a tenner each into the pot for a game of Texas Hold ?Em, and I was doing quite well. A few people got knocked out and I let them buy back in by giving them some of my chips (poker chips that is?. Adem doesn?t share food!) in exchange for their monetary value, and so I had my 10 stake back in my poker and was playing with about 15 worth of excess chips.

In the end it got to about 2am and I was getting a little bored, the ante was now at 50p/1 and so several big hands later and I was out. And then I got to play Pro Evo!

We left Phils at around 3:30am, and I finally got to sleep at around 4:30am, which I think you?ll agree is perfect preparation for New Year?s Eve!

This year we?re all going in fancy dress as is the same for every year and I?ll try and get some pictures up tomorrow for you.

Have a good time whatever you?re up to!

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2 Responses to Should auld acquaintance be forgot

  1. Aravis says:

    ?adem doesn?t share food?

    This cracked me up! Have a terrific New Year?s Eve and best wishes for 2007. *G*

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year Adem


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