And don?t forget the joker!

For my birthday I got a copy of comedian Peter Kay?s autobiography ??, but I only got around to reading it over the New Year period and I?m not usually one for autobiographies, especially when it?s from people who you can argue are only just starting their lives such as footballers and B-list celebs. Mostly I see them as a cynical way to make extra money and cash in on what could be a very shortlived time in the limelight, but I have to say that I enjoyed Peter Kay?s.

I?ve got 2 of his live shows already on DVD (Live at the Top of the Tower & Live at the Bolton Albert Halls) and I can see that his writing style is very much like his performing style with a selection of stories that many will recognise from his stand-up. You do come away feeling you know a bit more about him, but he really doesn?t reveal anything grand, and the autobiography ends with him winning North-West Comedian of the Year 1996, and so there?s lots more material that I?m sure many would like to know more about such as his TV work.

I probably wouldn?t go out and buy it but if you do like his work then try and get hold of a copy and have a read.

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