The muezzin was a? standing on the radiator grille

So it?s been cold lately and in the hallway we?ve had a radiator out of action for the past 9 months. It was corroded at the bottom and had been leaking so I had closed off the inlets to it, drained it, and then left it at that because frankly it wasn?t needed for that time.

Now that the weather is very cold, the hallway is not a place to be and not a very nice greeting when it?s just as cold inside as it is outside so I decided now was the time to fix it. A small flaw in the plan is that all radiators are a standard size and nothing was the same size as the one I was replacing and so I?d have to muck around with the pipes, and fit in a new section. Oh and I also had to drain the whole heating system too.

I planned to take 2 hours out this morning to sort it out after buying all the stuff I thought I?d need. Well it took a lot longer and in the end I took the whole day off work and took it as holiday.

I had to take up some laminate flooring, the skirting board, and some floorboards in order to get to the pipes.

Well it all works now and the hallway is warm. I?ve replaced radiators before but never had to muck around with moving piping, and it was actually very easy but only after I?d gone down a few other routes that didn?t work. I now know how to replace radiators or even install completely new ones and that?s the way of self-learning.

Here?s how the hallway looked halfway through?

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  1. tom says:

    Cool, I also have a radiator that is a weird size so need to adjust pipes slightly, reckon you could help me out?


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