The winner takes it all.

Where were you when it happened?

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6 Responses to The winner takes it all.

  1. adem says:

    I was actually watching it on TV. Great viewing!

  2. Nils says:

    I have no idea even what it is :-D

    I do know I won?t be in front of the telly for the repeat on Saturday: no Channel 4 here, alas (I hear they have good comedy).

  3. J says:

    I am way behind, as I didn?t even know there was a British version?

  4. Aravis says:

    Still hasn?t happened here yet. I hope I?m watching when it does, though. Congratulations to her!

  5. Lord Bargain says:

    I was imploring her to deal at £45,000!?.

  6. adem says:

    I normally want them to always deal, but there was something about the way the game was going that made me want her to carry on playing.


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