Lip up fatty, ah lip up fatty, for the reggae

I don?t usually weigh myself, as I don?t have any scales, and I generally don?t think that weight strictly correlates with fitness, and don?t agree with those height/weight Body Mass Index charts that people use, as there is no real uniform rule to people.

One thing I do know is that I?ve put on a hell of a lot of weight over the past few years, basically since I was an adult. From my 5 years at University (as a student and staff) I put on around 2 stone, and although I knew I?d put on more weight since being back in Ramsgate it seems that I?ve put on a further 2 stone in the past 2.5 years. Holy Shit.

I?m generally quite active getting in around 2.5 hours of pure sport in a week, but I know that where I slip up on is food and drink. I don?t neccesarily eat bad food, but I know my portions are too large and that I eat too much bread. For the past 3 days I?ve been watching what I eat and basically limiting portions to something acceptable. I do feel hungry sometimes, but haven?t caved in with the easy option and have instead been munching away on things like celery in between meals.

I?ve also been making my own lunch in the mornings to take to work. I used to pop over to newsagents across the road from my office and grab a baguette (chicken and mayo) along with bag of crisps, and do I really need all those calories when I?m sitting on my arse at a computer? No. Instead I haven?t gone too mad and have instead taken in a cheese and tomato sandwich (2 slices of bread with thinly cut cheese), a piece of fruit, and 2 sticks of celery. There may be something healthier than the cheese but at least it?s got some flavour.

Not only is it healthier but it?s also cheaper and saves me around 3 a day on lunch.

Along with the diet, I?ve also signed up to the gym, although I know that the diet is the most important part for me. I was thinking about joining the gym anyway, but have managed to get free membership for 6 months, which is pretty cool, and something not to miss out on. The gym has all the usual stuff plus a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, steamroom, so I can just relax if needs be.

I meant to do all this a lot sooner, but it was this Sunday that kicked it off. I was around a friends house watching the football when we decided to have a quick weigh-in and I was shocked by mine along with another friends. We have basically put on the same amount of weight in the same amount of time and so we have set up a challenge. We are both quite competitive and so have set up a challenge against each other to see who can lose the most weight over the next 6 months. Don?t worry, we certainly won?t be getting eating disorders but now that we are at the same gym too it?ll be good to have somebody to compete against as this kind of thing can get pretty lonely and boring in a short time.

Also to measure my weight I?ve registered here so that I can keep accurate readings and see how I?m progressing.

I?m only 3 days in so I don?t expect anything too quick, and have still got to contend with weekends, but here goes.

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3 Responses to Lip up fatty, ah lip up fatty, for the reggae

  1. I knew someone once whose diet consisted solely of Mars Bars, vodka and fags. He was as thin as a pin, but I wouldn?t recommend it as I haven?t heard from him since 1993 and can therefore only assume that he?s carced it.

  2. adem says:

    i could always try Heroin? That Pete Doherty is quite skinny.

  3. Lord Bargain says:

    I know what you mean mate, I am the same.

    Running. And toasted sandwiches (makes two slices of bread with thin cheese much more tasty, I can tell you), they are the way forward?


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