I?m gonna hit the highway like a battering ram, on a silver black phantom bike.

I was in a Motorbike shop with Chris from Uni, who has his own bike, and we were looking at some of the models and I asked the shop assistant how much one of them was. ?1600? was the reply, and guess what? I bought it there and then, whacked it on my creditcard and took it away with me.

I don?t know what came over me to be so impulsive but I did and only after did I think of the consequences as I?ve still got my car and now a big bill on the Barclaycard. Chris showed me some of the padded protective clothing that he uses, and recommended some to me, and that was about it. Next thing I know I?m going for a spin.

The Bike took a bit of getting used to, especially the gears, and I was having trouble with the throttle, but it was still cool, and I was wondering if I could sell the car to get back a bit of cash.

I did a few other things yesterday too, I bought a new watch, only a tenner, and I bought this really cool deodorant which had a radio built in?cool!

All in all a very good day??and then I woke up?..yes it was all a dream, no motorbike, no watch, no magic deodorant can, and all I can say is ?thank f**k!?.

What the hell was I going to do with a motorbike?! I can?t even drive one let alone afford it!

It was still nice to have a bit of escapism dreaming, instead of no dreams at all, and I can say that I will not be getting a motorbike anytime soon.

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2 Responses to I?m gonna hit the highway like a battering ram, on a silver black phantom bike.

  1. carl jung says:

    Vith zis dream you are telling me a lot about your unconscious mind, ja?

    You are telling me zat you vould love ze freedom of unconstrained spending, und zat maybe your finances are in bad shape at zer moment.

    But zis radio und deodorant, zis is ein mystery. From zis I can only conclude zat you are vun hell of a crazy, mixed-up muzzer-f*cker.

  2. Aidan L says:

    You had me there! I was thinking that buying a motorbike like that was a bit of a rash decision!
    I bet you are really glad that it was a dream haha.


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