Ode to Jose the curse of Cuervo

I haven?t spoken about the diet for a while so let?s catch up with that. I was losing quite a lot of weight at first and in the first 2 weeks had lost 12 pounds, which I was really happy with. I was sticking to the diet religiously, but then over the past 2 weeks I?ve not been faring too well and the ?little treats? have snuck back in here and there.

Before I was having 1 evening off the diet a week, usually a Friday, and would invariably have a nice big dinner and have a fair few vodkas. But lately I?ve been having big weekends, drinking too much and put on a couple of pounds over the weekends, and then lose them over the week. So I?m not in a worse position but I have halted on the weightloss, yo-yo-ing those couple of pounds.

On Friday I went out with Uni friends as it was their last night of term and I drank A LOT. Beer, Ale, Vodka, Wine, Alcopops, Sambuca, Aftershock?.. too much, and I went night-clubbing till 2:30am.

Then on Saturday it was Katie?s Birthday, and I stuck to Vodka and Diet coke for the majority of the night and then had several Desperados (Beer with Tequila in it!). Not too bad, but merry enough, and then in the early hours the clocks went forward and so it was 3:30am when I got home, and I had to be up at 8:45am for football!

I did manage to get up for football but had a stinking hangover, and then I played 90 minutes of football. I enjoyed the football and it took my mind off the hangover, but once I?d finished I felt rough again and it basically wasted my entire day.

It?s only 10 days till the Rugby Sevens so I?ll stick to the diet for that time and see if I can lose a few more pounds, so just the 1 night out a week for me now. I?m definitely doing more exercise now so it?s not all bad, and I do feel fitter which is always a good thing.

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5 Responses to Ode to Jose the curse of Cuervo

  1. Michael says:

    beer with tequila?

    for some reason that scares me.

    Now, guiness with a shot of vanilla vodka in it? that?s a different story.

  2. Try learning the lesson that a night on the razz is a perfectly good 24 hours wasted the day after.

    Having said that, I was up guzzling until 5am Saturday morning, and that equated to a perfectly good 48 hours wasted, so maybe I?m not the best person to advise you.

  3. adem says:

    I guess it?s a saving grace that I wasn?t physically ill. Throwing up whilst playing football is never nice.

  4. Aravis says:

    By the time you were done listing what you drank, I was having a sympathy hangover! *G*

  5. Cheezy says:

    Ah the demon alcohol? the solitary rock upon which my every attempt to diet has run aground! :-(


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