Sippin on gin and juice

So it’s Friday afternoon and I can’t wait for the weekend, although I don’t think much is going on. If I do go out I will have to cut down on the beer. I’m thinking of maybe turning to Gin and slimline tonic, or maybe just no alcohol at all (yeah right).

I played football last night on astroturf and I felt a lot fitter. I know it sounds stupid as I’ve only had a few days of watching my weight and getting extra exercise, but I did feel better. I’m sure a lot of it is psychological, but even if it’s just that it’s still good. I ran around for a hour there and was a bit knackered but I still managed to go straight up to the gym and go for a bit of a swim, steam and jacuzzi. I didn’t want to do anythin in the gym as I probable would’ve hurt myself as I’d only just warmed down from footy and was likely to pull something if I started back up again. A swim was nice though and my arms were a bit achy this morning which menas I was doing something right.

I might have to invest in a pair of weighing scales for myself as I’ve weighed myself a couple of times and the weights keep varying by around 1/2 a stone, which is a lot! If I get one pair for myself then at least, even if they are wrong, they are always wrong by the same amount. I think a trip to Argos is called for.

On the blogging front, I am just being a voyeur, and looking around at people’s blogs but not commenting, so don’t think that I’m not visiting because I am!

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