And I been in the hospital

I?ve had quite a few different injuries in my time but I can usually diagnose them myself as nothing more than strains, sprains, and pulls, but after my knee injury I thought it was best to go to hospital to get it checked out as it had swollen up a great amount and I could hardly walk.

My kind sister drove me to Accident & Emergency yesterday at midday, and after 2 hours of waiting I was called in. They examined it and said that they?d give me a x-ray to check there wasn?t a fracture and see how much fluid there was on the joint. Apart from the long wait, I thought they were very nice in there, although I was slightly disappointed by the nurses? uniforms! The doctor treating me looked at the x-rays and told me there was no fracture (which I didn?t think there was) and also said that luckily there wasn?t a huge amount of fluid and so it wouldn?t need to be drained (phew). She told me that what I needed to do was rest it completely and she gave me a strap to put on it to compress it and limit movement. I was also told that if I did try and do anything on it then I?d probably rupture my ligaments (a very bad thing), but as I can?t really move without the aid of a crutch then that?s highly unlikely.

With only 3 games left of the Sunday League season, I?ll miss out on that too, and don?t really know how long I?ll be out for. I can?t drive for the moment either, but am hoping that the swelling goes down soon then maybe I?ll be able to operate the clutch. I?m off work until Thursday on holiday, but will just spend that time resting the knee and not really getting up to much, which is a tad annoying as I had a lot more planned for Easter (I?ve already missed out on the Beer Festival.)

That?s the update for now?? Happy Easter everyone!

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4 Responses to And I been in the hospital

  1. Sorry to hear about the injury. Shame you missed the beer festival, it was a hoot.

    What a bummer being laid up and in such decent weather too. Hopefully you?ve got a good supply of tucker and DVDs to keep you going. Get well soon!

  2. Aidan L says:

    Sorry to hear about the knee injury :-( . If it is any consolation I know what you?re going through?
    I sustained a knee injury in the summer of 2004 and that took a while to heal. I do feel for you and I hope that things improve for you soon!
    Keep us updated!

  3. Aravis says:

    The injury to my wrist is permanent and frequently painful because of a torn ligament. Listen to your doctor, even though it?s frustrating. It will be much worse if you damage that ligament.

    Get better soon!

  4. adem says:

    I?ve actually damaged the ligaments in both my ankles too, and so have to wear strapping on them when I play sports as the are now permanently weak and I?m liable to roll over on them.

    It?s a bummer eh?

    I am just resting the knee thoug an being a good boy.


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