Back at the gym

I haven?t been to the gym for almost 4 weeks due to illness and then injury, but I was finally able to go yesterday and do a bit of exercise.

On my last visit to the gym they swiped my membership card and told me they couldn?t find my account which was quite odd as I?d been going there for nearly a month, but they let me through and said they?d sort it out next time. Obviously the ?next time? didn?t come and Tim told me that a possible reason for my malfunctioning membership was that I hadn?t confirmed my membership with my health insurance provider (When I got health insurance I got 6 months free gym membership).

I didn?t know I had to do this but decided I might as well wait until I was fit again before doing this, and so yesterday I rang them up and got it all confirmed. The bonus could be that my free gym membership starts from yesterday and so I?ve actually had the past 2 months ignored, which would be great. My records may catch-up with me though, but it?s worth a go.

I tried to cycle but my knee wasn?t having it, so I just did some upperbody stuff, and then went for a long swim which was quite easy on the knee although I was limited to front crawl (I sometimes use breaststroke but involves more leg movement). I think swimming is the way to go for the moment, then onto cycling, and then onto jogging.

I?m back on the diet too, so should hopefully resume where I left off.

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4 Responses to Back at the gym

  1. Aidan L says:

    It is good to see that things are progressing nicely with your knee. It feels really good once you start to make steps forward doesn?t it?

    I should start getting back to the gym, I have to admit, I have put a bit weight on and therefore would like to work it off?
    I used to go really regularly but with exams and coursework I was unable to go. However once I go on study leave I will be able to attend more regularly.

  2. Adem says:

    I went swimming again yesterday and felt good, but was very knackered by the end of it and my knee was aching quite a lot.

    I won?t be going to the gym today as it?s F-R-I-D-A-Y and I?ll be out, so the knee will get some rest for aday, then I?ll go back again on Saturday.

    Aidan ? keep fit now as the older you get the harder it is to shift the weight!!

  3. Aidan L says:

    Sorry to hear that it has been aching since doing some swimming :-( , I suppose it is just a point of the knee adapting again isn?t it?

    You?re very true; I should keep fit and keep my current shape. O dear I am sounding like a woman, ?keep my shape?. O well, nevermind lol!

  4. Aravis says:

    So glad you?re slowly getting well again, and how cool about the gym membership. I hope everything works out for you with those 2 extra months. Good luck!


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