Dance like a robot when you?re chained at the knee

It?s just gone 4am and I?m here sitting on my sofa, watching BBC News 24, and catching up with emails, etc that I missed yesterday when I was at the Rugby Sevens.

Why am I up at this time? Well obviously I can?t sleep, but the reason is that I?ve f**ked my knee up, to put it politely. Rugby was fun even though we lost both our games, but it was a lovely day, lots of people were there, and everyone was merry, but I seemed to be intent on injuring myself.

In the first game I scored a try, but landed awkwardly on the had surface, hurting my knee. I subbed myself off (no innuendos please) and gave myself 5 minutes before coming back on (always a wise move to try and play on), I then got tackled by two players and as Iwas releasing the ball, Ian followed by someone landed on my head, compacting my neck. Off I go again for the rest of the game!

We had over an hour until our next game, and I decided that I?d take part but only for the 2nd half (these are 7 minute halfs in Sevens). I came on and was doing alright, deciding to fight through any pain because Sevens is only once a year, and then with 1 minute left I went o a run, skipped through one tackle, and then got dumped by a high tackle 5 metres from the try-line and landed on my knee again, and we didn?t even get a penalty-try for the foul!

I came off glad that the games were over, and whilst I was still walking around I only had a slight hobble and so I was mostly fine for the rest of the afternoon. We all then went out in Broadstairs for the evening, and as the night got on, my knee got worse, especially when I wasn?t moving and just standing still or sitting, so that when it came to go home I was not very mobile, and by the time I was actually at home my knee was killing, and I discovered that it had swollen up loads. I was in bed by 11:30, with my a pillow under my knee and some ice on it, and so I spent the next 4 hours drifting in and out of sleep, but unable to move to get comfortable.

Can you tell which one is swollen?!
I couldn?t walk when I got up as the knee had completely seized up, and so made a makeshift crutch with the bar from my weights!! And here we are! I?m thinking of going to A+E tomorrow to try and get hold of some crutches so I can walk and get the weight off my knee.

At least I got to play rugby after recovering from the cold and dodgy neck!! (neck isn?t too bad by the way.)

10am Update: I got to sleep at 8am and got 1.5 hours sleep which I needed. When I woke up flickr had finished uploading my photos which you can see here.

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9 Responses to Dance like a robot when you?re chained at the knee

  1. Aravis says:

    That?s awful! Ice and ibuprofen for the inflammation I think. Crutches sound like a good idea as well; keep off of it as much as possible.

    Can you get a doctor to look at it and make sure it isn?t anything really serious?

  2. adem says:

    I iced it but have no Ibuprofen yet.

    I?ll see if they can have a look at it when I?m up the hospital.

    Hopefully I won?t have to wait too long.

    I should really try and sleep soon!

  3. Flash says:

    Oooh, tickles nice!!!
    Hope you have a speedy recovery mate.

  4. Cody Bones says:

    Ok, that bites. I hope you don?t need surgery.

  5. adem says:

    I went to hospital but luckily just need to rest it.

  6. jonny says:

    Wow you only get injured when you are scoring a try or getting tackled by 2 players at once. Adem, you?re my hero.

    Also both your legs look massively swollen. Do I win a prize?

  7. adem says:

    If only you were my hero Jonny!! Why didn?t you save me from the people trying to hurt me!!!

  8. jonny says:

    I was busy setting you up for tries and dislocating my finger

  9. Nick says:

    You see, here in the U.S. we are wimps when it comes to sports like this. You go out there in shorts and a t-shirt to beat the crap out of each other, while we load up with pillows and a motorcycle helmet. And if this happened they would be rushed off to the hospital and get at least a walking cast, but the first thing I see here is take some ibuprofen.


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