She’s on fire

I?ve taken these few days off before Easter as holiday from work, as it was pretty quiet and I wasn?t needed so hey ho, a free day!!

I cycled down to Ramsgate town in order to get a few bits and bobs from the 1 Charity Shop and was greeted with a cordoned off street. Weird, I though and presumed that maybe there was some kind of affair going on, but then I noticed all the police (around 6 officers) patrolling the taped-off area, then an ambulance, and then also 2 fire-engines!

Blimey! Somethings gone down in Ramsgate, and it?s name was Fire! Apparently one of the restaurants in Harbour Street was on fire (next to the Bakery), and so most of Harbour Street and Queen Street were out of bounds apart from a small area on Queen Street.

Smoke was billowing from the top of the building, and the fire-engine?s ladder was a full-extension enabling the firemen to try and control the fire, but from where I was, there was a lot of smoke and it could be a lot more trouble controlling the fire, especially as all the buildings are terraced.

I wish I?d had my camera with me, but alas I am no Peter Parker.

That?s all from this Ramsgate Reporter today.

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  1. Apparently it was Cavallinos. I?m in ?the village? today, but one of my informants back in Ramsgate had the full griff.

  2. Aravis says:

    I hope nobody was hurt?


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