Sunday catch-up

Preston versus Everybodys Inn 15-4-07

So I didn?t win anything on the Grand National, which wasn?t a great suprise.

Numbersixvalverde ? Finished in sixth place
Hedgehunter ? finished 9th place
Eurotrek ? Pulled up at 22nd fence (Becher?s Brook)
Billyvoddan ? Pulled up at 19th fence (Westhead)
Idle Talk - Unseated rider at 19th fence

I watched the race around Timmy?s and then headed off for a BBQ at Karina?s where we stayed ?til around 10pm, and then Tom, Chris, and myself headed off to the Aussie Arms for a spot of pool and darts. My knee is feeling much better now compared to what it was, although I?m not kidding myself that it?ll be completely fine anytime soon. I?m still limping and can?t put too much weight on it, but I can walk a bit now although I get tired quite quickly as I?m transferring a lot onto my good leg and my back. I?m gonna try to drive this afternoon!

I did have a slightly odd conversation in the pub with a pigeon fancier who was asking about a website for selling pigeons! I had a little chat with him and he basically wants a online auction site where members pay a fee to register but there?s no seller?s fee as opposed to eBay. I was very honest with him and said that I?d have to look into the logistics of setting up an auction site, because it may be a little beyond my means, although I?d certainly do a little research into it. Did you know that some of the pigeons can fetch 17,000 each and it can all get a little controversial!

I went and watched my Sunday League football team play this morning, which was good as I?ve missed the past 2 weeks, although we lost the game 3-1. I got a few photos and will also do a match report for the team website I run.

That?s all for now but I thought I?d better do a random post as I?d been getting a little geeky on here recently!

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3 Responses to Sunday catch-up

  1. J says:

    You can get as geeky as you want. It?s your blog. :)

    Great photo, btw!

  2. Adem says:

    Ah, you?re too kind.

    Geekdom here I come!!!

  3. Cat says:

    I didn?t win anything on the National either. I went to a bookies shop and was scared away by all the rough men, so ended up having to register with an online thing. They did give me a free £5 bet for doing it, but I still spent £10 of real money and none of the three nags even placed. Rubbish!


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