Stag Nights

It?s PT?s Stag Night (Bachelor Party for those from the US) on Saturday and as resident know-it-all it?s been my job to make him a shirt with all his favourite sayings on. I?ve been meaning to make the shirt for a while, but other things seem to have got in the way, so tonight when I get home, out will come the t-shirt transfer paper and the iron, and then 10 minutes later I?ll have the finished article. See, who needs to rush?

He?s having a very simple Stag Night, starting off at the local where he works, heading in a bit of a loop of around four or five pubs, and returning back to the local where we?ll meet up with the hen party. PT is in his late thirties (how old!) and has been around the block before, so I can understand why he?s having a more sedate evening, but it made me think what I?d want from my Stag Party (whoa, hold your horses? getting a bit ahead of myself eh?)

There seems to be a couple of options to choose from:

Stay Local ? Do what PT is doing, and have a low-key event where anybody can come along, which will be easier on everyone?s wallets and you know you can fall asleep in your own bed.

Go Away Somewhere ? I?ve been on two stag-do?s away, one in Bournemouth and one on a barge near Coventry. The other option is to go further afield and get a flight over to somewhere in Eastern Europe, which is still more expensive and will definitely exclude some people.

The Stag Weekends are great fun, but I?m still a single fellow without many ties, so getting away is no problem for me, but if your friends have partners and kids then it makes it a bit harder for them to commit. Also I don?t really like falling into a cliché and that this is what these Stag Weekends are about. Normally being a prat, drinking too much, going to stripclubs, and offending the locals.

I suppose I?d also want more than going around the local though. I guess the thing to do is actually think about what the whole reasoning behind a Stag Night is. I?d view it as a chance to bond with male friends before going through the passage from bachelorhood into marriage, but even this idea is outdated as most couples nowadays with live together and have a married lifestyle even bore they are officially wedded. So why do we even have Stag and Hen Nights?

I guess it?s mainly tradition, and although it?s maybe lost some of it?s charm and true meaning, I think I?d still like to have one, but we are still on the question I asked at the beginning of this post. What would I want from my Stag Party?

It would have to be all men, there would have to be drinking of beer, there would have to be feasting, it would be good to get away but not too far, there would have to be laughs, and most of all it would have to bond all the people together. I guess it would really be up to the best man to organise this and hopefully they?d know what I?d like.

I am most definitely getting a little ahead of myself??now to find the right woman!

Header image under CC by Darren Monney.

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6 Responses to Stag Nights

  1. Cody Bones says:

    Adem, if you are going to travel for a Bachelor party, forget Europe. There is really only one destination to consider.


    Nothing beats a bachelor party in Las Vegas. Think about it.

  2. j. says:

    Personally, I think Vegas could get you into a spot of trouble?but that?s just me. My opinion should probably be taken with a grain of salt, as I dislike the bachelor party tradition here. Strippers, the whole idea of a last hurrah. I?m not some sort of witch that is never going to let my man go out of the house again.

  3. Adem says:

    Cody ? Vegas is a little bit far?.but I did read that Vegas is the place to go for Bachelor Parties. Over here, quite a lot of people go to Prague,Czech Republic or Bratislava, Slovakia.

    J ? I agree that many bachelor parties go down the same route, which can be a bit boring. Stag Nights are no longer really the ?last night of freedom? either, so do we need to celebrate?

  4. Aravis says:

    Well, you know if you?re really troubled by this, you could try having some practice stag parties for yourself. That way when the real thing comes about, you?ll know precisely what you want.

    Call them pre-stag stag parties. *G*

  5. Adem says:

    Aravis ? I practice every weekend!!

  6. Stef says:

    The stag party should never, ever meet up with the hen party, that just defeats the object of the whole thing!

    To be honest, the most important thing is to do something everyone -especially the stag- will enjoy. If strippers make people uncomfortable, don?t do it. It?s much better to get everyone together. Planning far-flung events can also exclude people?

    I planned a local one for a friend this last weekend just gone and all went well, we got about 20 friends from different cities. If I?d planned something more ?adventurous? we?d have got half the turn out?


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