Lethargy and Fraud

I?m not really at the top of my game since I got back from IOW as I?m still catching up on sleep, have a sore throat, and have been getting terrible hayfever. *cue sympathy*

Due to the above symptons I?ve been feeling very lethargic and as such haven?t been to the gym since I got back on Monday but I will force myself to go to the gym after work and then I?m going to football training after which should hopefully give me a kick up the bum (figuratively).

My knee still isn?t 100% which is a bugger and I found this out over the weekend when too much pogoing and jumping around caused my knee to swell up a bit. It?s gone down again now but with Sunday league football starting in 6 weeks and plenty of running around on dry hard pitches it?ll be ?interesting? to see what happens and if I?ll maybe have to ice my knee after every game (if I get to play that is). WHilst I?m doing these activities, the knee doesn?t hurt and I?m in no pain, but the swelling must mean something is not right, doesn?t it? Maybe a trip to the doctor one time is called for.

On another note it seems that one in five Isle of Wight Festival tickets were fake. I can think of so many ways to reduce this, but it appears the organisors didn?t. The tickets were briefly looked at and a segment torn off at the entrance of the festival in exchange for a blue wristband and with that you were in the festival. Why were tickets not scanned either by barcode or even under a UV light? And why were the wristbands so cheaply made? Surely they could?ve invested in something with more security elements?

I can see all festivals going the way that Glastonbury has and having tickets with the holders photo on them, which is obviously a little more expensive and time consuming, but seems to have worked. This should get rid of ticket-touts (scalpers for our US friends) and ensure that only people who have rightly paid for their ticket and gone through the correct channels should get in.

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2 Responses to Lethargy and Fraud

  1. I?ll put you in charge of security for my IOT festival next year.

    I?ve booked some cracking acts: George Formby, Ted Heath and his orchestra, Vera Lynn, Bill Hailey. Nobody can argue I don?t know my audience!

  2. Nils says:

    We have this TV Show on the music channels called Uninvited in which two kids try to sneak into all kinds of events, and often succeed. That?s not so surprising then, seeing how security is dealt with.


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