Visitor numbers after Yesterday?s post

Click here for the Marks & Spencer Voucher Scam post.

When I received that email a couple of times yesterday I replied to all those who were included in the email and informed them that it was a hoax. After doing some googling I couldn?t find much about the scam and so I thought I?d be helpful and write about it on this blog so that maybe one or two other people searching for some more information would stumble across it here.

It?s for that reason that I put the entire email on here and included the email address too, so that they would cover any keywords people were typing into their search engine. Well I was suprised yesterday when I checked my visitor stats that I?d got an amazing amount of visitors compared to my usual amount. Normally, looking at the stats, I?ll have around 40 individual visits per day but yesterday I had over 5,500, and today I?ve already had 3000!
Site Meter Visitors
I have two modes of visitor counters on the site, one is Site Meter and the other is SlimStat, and these do have slight variations on visitor numbers, but what is clear is that the only search engine that hits are coming from is Google. Other hits are coming from direct links on emails and a few other sites. This brings me to the question as to why that post hasn?t been referenced by Yahoo the main competitor to Google?

I?m sure that the visitor numbers will soon start to trickle down again but it was nice to have so many visitors for once especially as I?ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately. It was also nice to know that it hopefully stopped quite a few people from forwarding the email.

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8 Responses to Visitor numbers after Yesterday?s post

  1. I also had two extra visitors yesterday, but I put that down to the piece in the Thanet Times.

    Well done for pointing out this scam!

  2. froggy says:

    i have now spammed all the sodding people who have spammed me with your http so expect even more.

  3. Flick says:

    Thanks for this. Thought it looked too good to be true so decided to check it out before forwarding. There aren?t many websites with any info on this one. Disappointing, would have liked some M&S vouchers!

  4. HFP says:

    Hi there. I am one of the many that has hit your site by searching for the email address. It is so obviously a hoax however people still do it. I?m sure that address has been blackholed by now but makes you chuckle all the same.

    BTW ? you are also being linked to here:

    That?ll help boost your numbers. ;)

    Good work!

  5. Michael says:

    I?ve always loved checking my Statcounter when I?d get obscene traffic spurts.

    I never lucked into anything in the thousands though.

  6. Adem says:

    I got another 5,500 hits individual hits yesterday, but only 1000 today so it looks like it?s slowing down and as more sites are referencing the hoax there are plenty more places to find out the info.

    I?m glad I was one of the first at the beginning.

    I?d better start finding interesting things to write about!!

  7. Aravis says:

    That?s so funny! That?s one way to increase blog traffic, eh? *G*

  8. Stef says:

    Good effort! :-)


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