Weekend Catch-up

So I guess a weekend catch-up is in order if you want to know what?s been happening. I?ve been busy at work lately and haven?t had the time or the effort to blog, but I things should be getting a little quieter soon as the students will be finishing term soon, which will mean I?ll have more time, and can maybe get back into blogging.

I?ve spent quite a bit of time planning a ?Summer Party? for our campus, an end of year bash to celebrate the end of year, and we had it on Friday. We?re on quite a small campus, so nothing too big really, just a band, DJs, bouncy castle, and a BBQ were needed, and the night went fantastic, and you can see the pictures here. What really got to me though was the amount of paperwork I had to do, such as getting a temporary licence, doing a risk-assessment, getting permission from various bods at the University, getting insurance, etc which really gets in the way of having fun. Needless to say it was all worth it and the students were happy.

In other news it?s been quite a good week in other areas too. I?ve been going to the gym a lot more which is good an I?ve been doing some more work on my knee to the extent that I went to football training on Thursday and was able to play football for the first time in 7 weeks! I went to football training a few weeks back but the knee didn?t feel right, but this week it felt really good and I was so happy to be playing football again. Of course I had the knee strapped up, and in the morning there was a bit of swelling, but a couple of days rest and it?s fine again. This means I should shopefully be back playing regular 11-aside football soon although I will have to see what effect sliding tackles have on it.

I?ve also paid off ALL my credit card debt! This has been an ongoing thing and in October I had a debt of 2,350 and set myself a target of paying it off in 9 months, but I?ve done it in only 8 months so I?m happy. If only I?d known sooner how easy it is to save! I?ve now got some savings in the bank too, and I?m going to start thinking of getting my own house soon too and seeing what?s around. A big step but about time I did.

I will be spending a bit of money this week though as it?s time for the Isle of Wight Festival!!! I?m so excited about it and will need to buy some extra things this week for the camping. Add in transport costs, supplies, beer, etc and I?m sure I won?t be as confident about money when I come back! I?m off on Thursday night, and won?t be back till sometime Monday, which also means time off work!! Woo Hoo!

That?s all for now, and I?ll try and find some time to check out all those blogs I?ve been neglecting.

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4 Responses to Weekend Catch-up

  1. Phil says:

    Hey man. Nice work on the debts.

    That means you?ve got some folding money in the next month or so to come and visit.

    Was that you on the bouncy castle in that YouTube video? You?ve slimmed down. Looking good my friend.

    Read my blog dammit!

  2. Adem says:

    No it wasn?t me on the bouncy castle as I was taking the vid!!

  3. Phil says:


    Well, you?ll always look good to me! ;)

  4. Aravis says:

    Great news about both the completion of the end-of-the-year bash, and the eradication of credit card debt! And I?m glad to hear that your knee is finally on the mend. I know how much you?ve missed football.

    Have fun at the festival! Not that there?s really any doubt about it. :0)


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