Eight Things About Me.

I got back to Blighty on Sunday evening after having a brilliant weekend which left me stattered. Luckily I had also booked off yesterday from work so I was able to relax, but sadly I?m back at work now. I can?t really be bothered to blog at the moment but you can check out photos from the weekend here.

A good filler for a post is a meme and luckily I?ve been tagged by Aidan so on this post, so here are 8 thinks you don?t know about me:

1. I can down a pint of beer in less than 3 seconds.
2. When I was 16 I grew my hair down to my shoulders.
3. I lived in Qatar for a few years when I was a toddler.
4. Tequila makes me throw-up.
5. I?ve got a degree in Study of Religions.
6. I love mango milkshakes.
7. The only game I play on my PS2 is Pro Evo Soccer 6.
8. I am very untidy.

Hmmm.. not too many shockers in there, and I have to admit I was struggling to think of things to add. Anyway? back to the chaingang?..

I?m not going to tag anyone to do it as I know I?ll only be disappointed but if you fancy sharing a bit of yourself with us then go ahead.

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2 Responses to Eight Things About Me.

  1. Oh alright then, in for a penny:

    1. Er..
    2. Um..
    3. Blimey, this is harder than I thought!

  2. Aidan L says:

    Another PES fan :-D . I am the same as you, I only ever play on Pro Evo 6 on my PS2. Sometimes I might flick on the odd old game, but in general it is always Pro Evo that I play.


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