Moo MiniCards & Flickr

I?ve been a bit naughty and decided to treat myself to some Moo MiniCards. Some of you may be asking ?what are they??, and I hadn?t really heard about them until last week when I read about them in an article, but yesterday I was exploring on my Flickr and saw they they had both teamed up.
Moo minicards
With this integratation I can easily make my cards as the Moo directly accesses my Flickr sets allowing me to simply pick the pictures I want on my cards. I don?t really need them but I think they?re cool and it?ll be nice to see some of my photos actually in print as opposed to just on a computer screen. The nice thing is that every card can have a different picture on it so I?ve experimented a bit and put quite a variety on the 100 cards I ordered.

The cards came to 9.99 + 2.99 P&P, which isn?t really that much (just under 13p each card), and the details I?ve put on the back are my name, website, email, and phone number, and I intend to have a few in my wallet so I can give them out if I need to share my details.

You may be asking why I didn?t just get some business cards (see post here)but why would I want 500 cards of exactly the same design when I can have something that stands out a lot more. Reading around about people?s reviews has given me the impression that they are very cool things and hopefull when they arrive I?ll be happy with them too.

I?ll put up some photos when they arrive which should be sometime over the next 10 days.

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3 Responses to Moo MiniCards & Flickr

  1. Zumiweb says:

    You?ll love ?em, no question. I got mine free a few months ago on a promotional offer (but only ten cards on the free offer) and they look very neat. Then you find yourself finding reasons to casually get them out to give people?

  2. Adem says:

    I only ordered them yesterday and I really can?t wait!!!

    I want to order some more and I haven?t even got these ones yet! ha!

  3. Aravis says:

    How very cool! Can?t wait to hear what you think when they arrive.


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