The cat is a bit better now

The cat has perked up a bit and is eating again after going through a really low patch. I am happy, and all the things that annoyed me before are now quite reassuring such as moaning for food, or having a poo on the cat litter! It means everything is working a bit better again.

Thanks to all those who left kind comments on my other post. I?ll keep you all updated on the moggie situation.
Jess on the bench

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4 Responses to The cat is a bit better now

  1. Aidan L says:

    That is really good news Adem :-) .

  2. Aravis says:

    I?m so happy she?s doing better. We do cherish them a bit more after such a scare; we take them for granted less. We realize just how precious the moments are.

  3. Very glad to hear she?s feeling more like her old self.

  4. Nils says:

    Poor thing. Do keep us posted.


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