Yesterday morning, just as I was about the give Mum a lift to work, she said that she couldn?t find her handbag. This is a regular occurance and has usually just been put in another room, but after a thorough search of the whole house there was no sign of it. This brought us to two conclusions.. either we had a poltergiest or it had been stolen.

We ran through scenarios that the front door may have been left open or that a key was left in the lock, but even this seemed unlikely, and if someone had broken in wouldn?t they have taken more? The fact is that we were both in the house that night, and so I put it down to an opportunist who saw a door open a snatched the bag.

Luckily the bag only contained some cash, a non-contract phone, and the house keys. I took Mum to work, and rushed back to the house via ?Do-it-All?, and changed the locks, so that the keys were rendered useless, and then I went off to work.

Mum had been pretty shaken by this, although I remained pretty calm, and said we should just count our selves lucky that it was only a bag that was taken. When I returned hope from work I noticed something that made me a little less calm? I could see a mark near the frame of the door which has lead me to believe that the door was actually forced open, which means it wasn?t an opportunist but we were in fact targeted. A friend, Dan, who lives in the road next to me has this same mark on his door where someone tried unsuccessfully to break in, and apparently there has been a spate of break-ins like this.

I tried to call the police yesterday evening but there was no answer, but today I got through and reported it, and they?ll be coming around this afternoon.

It?s a nuissance that I?ve had to change locks, and I keep trying to say that we were lucky that nothing more was taken and to look on the bright side, but at the end of the day it looks like someone actually broke into our home whilst we were inside, and it?s going to take a while before I feel 100% safe in there.

So I?ve changed the locks, and we?re now double-locking the door even when we are inside, and the next step is to fit some extra locks on the windows and to get an alarm fitted. It?s horrible that I have to do this, and that I can?t feel safe in my own home, but it?s got to be done.

In fact last night I heard a noise, and so I got up, umbrella in hand (it?s all I could find), and had a look around, but there was nothing (thank God), but what if there had been? Next time I?ll be taking a golf club!

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  1. It?s a horrible feeling, being burgled. I found someone lurking on the flat roof at the back of the CTM a year or so ago, but they skedaddled before the rozzers arrived. About an hour and a half before the rozzers arrived, actually, as their satnav had directed them to an address half a mile up the road.

  2. Aravis says:

    Our apartment in Dallas was burgled 3 times when I was a kid. It?s a nasty feeling, leaving one feeling so vulnerable! Someone has invaded your privacy, looked through your things and actually taken some.

    I think you were very wise to change the locks. They were probably after the keys so that they could return more easily. Once a house has been hit, it is often hit again. It?s terrible that you have to do the things you?re doing, but it?s worth it in the end in all likelihood.

    I?m so sorry you?re going through this!

  3. Michael says:

    Sorry to hear about this.

    Threw me off at first on my response to this, because I was going to yell at you for not having a baseball bat then I realized? wrong country.

  4. Adem says:

    Michael ? I?ll use a cricket bat instead!

  5. Michael says:

    hmmmm? that would work.

    besides, with the edges on one of those I bet getting hit by one would hurt like hell? yet not fall apart quickly like a golf club.

    good choice.

  6. Arrran says:

    what a bunch of low likes cowards. My mate (Martin) was burgled twice last year and police didm nowt.

    Changeing the locks etc is pain in the arse.

    Maybe it?s work putiing fake cctv up?


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