Getting involved

I?ve quite enjoyed getting involved with Ramsgate FC and hopefully I?ve done my little bit to help a local club and along with that my local community. It?s also been nice to make new acquaintances as I?ve lately felt that my friendship group was getting a bit restricted and opportunities have been limited.

As we all get older, most of my friends are coupled-up in their new houses, and so there?s less time for me, which is a little selfish but I liked it when everyone was up for doing anything anytime. But times change, and to be honest, even I?m not up for doing anything anytime, I work during the day, and usually at night I work on various side-projects I?ve got going on.

So back to Ramsgate FC, as a bonus I?m able to get into matches for free, which usually cost 9, and last night I was able to pop out at 7:30pm, walk the 5 minutes down the road, and then I was watching the game, and enjoying it. I enjoyed getting out of the house, and I enjoyed doing something different.

Those of you who have visited here for a long time will know that I go through these types of stages where I reflect opon life and long for something different, but I guess that as I get older it?s a little harder to dream for something different. Then again you never know what?s round the corner, and maybe I?m just a little pessimistic. We shall see.

On another note, I?ve put looking for a house/flat on the back burner for a while as there is nothing (decent) available in my price-range. I?ll just continue saving my money and seeing what happens. In the whole scheme of things I think it?s gonna be pretty impossible for me to buy a place on my own, which is another problem alltogether, so maybe I could kill two birds with one stone. Any ladies fancy having a whirlwind romance and buying a place together?!

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  1. Aravis says:

    If you dream of something different, someday something different might just find you when you least expect it. I thought I was done- I wasn?t going to be able to do anything more with my life than what I had at the time. I was wrong. Perhaps you are too. :0)

  2. You never know what?s around the corner. There I was, the talk of the town in London, then I moved to Ramsgate. Haven?t looked back. Don?t dare too, it would make me too miserable!


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