It?s Monday morning and I should be well rested but the Freshers have arrived at Uni, and so yestersay, Sunday, I was working from 10am-2pm and then 3pm-12.20am. I am knackered after that, but the thing is that I?ve got this for all this week, except I?ll be working longer! I?ll be in work at 8:45am and will be finishing around midnight, although on Thursday and Friday it?ll be 2am.

I?ll try and get a break here and there, and shuffle off, but I?ve got to basically be around all the time.

I will be moaning more later! The good thing about this is that if I put the legwork in now, then it?ll help me out throughout the year with the Freshers and getting the know them all.

Anyway? off to work now. Laters

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  1. j. says:

    The freshmen have taken over here as well. Lines everywhere are insanely long, because they all seem to travel in herds to the same places at the same times. Grr.


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