Chichester Rapist Jailed

I lived in Chichester from 1999 until 2004 and all throughout that time it was known about the ‘Chichester Rapist’ as there had been a range of attacks in the area. Not a very nice topic but something that people had to be wary of as it was a University town and as such full of young students away from home for the first time. Women were warned not to go out alone and I have no doubt that this brough a lot of fear into their lives. Sure, people are safe most of the time but if it’s common knowledge that there is someone out there doing things like this then it must prey on your mind sometimes.

Well the man has now been jailed and will serve a minimum of 12 years behind bars, but what has come to light is that he could have been caught a lot sooner:

Jurors were told that a serious error by police investigating the attacks allowed him to remain at large.

Prosecutor Christine Laing said he was arrested over a suspected “peeping Tom” offence in 2002 but an “oversight” meant his DNA swab was not sent off for analysis until a case review four years later. – BBC News

The means that after this time he committed offences for another 2 years which is shocking and I don’t think an “oversight” really covers it.

There was actually a time, around 2001, when police were actually going door to door and taking samples from men in the local area in an attempt to capture him, and they actually came to my house but I was out. Luckily my housemates were able to put the police at ease as I was such a nice fellow and had a long-term girlfriend at the time too. I doubt that would really put the police off if they were really interested in me, but according to this article I didn’t really fit the profile.

Mark Campbell is now behind bars and hopefully the victims will be able to get on with their lives and others in the area will be a little safer.

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