Weekend in London

Blimey I?m knackered. I was up in London for the weekend and the pure fact of driving innercity has KO?d me. The fact that it takes 1.5 hours to drive fifteen miles is bad, but on the way home yesterday I actually took 45 minutes to go one mile?bollocks. So that coupled in with motorway driving meant I drove for a total of 7 hours over 2 days which is a fair bit especially when it?s all stop/start driving.

Anyway I shouldn?t moan because I had a good time in London as me and my sister went to see my Dad on Saturday afternoon, and then after we?d left there we went out in Covent Garden where we met some friends, and got quite merry and were boogeying until 2:45am at a club. I am now the proud owner of an Oyster Card which worked out cheaper than buying tickets for the tube and bus, although we?ll have to see when I next use it. Maybe I?ll try and use the bus next time I?m up there so that I have to do less driving.

Oyster Card

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  1. j. says:

    I share your hatred for innercity driving. :(

  2. Let the train take the strain! And, er, empty your wallet.


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