Changing Hosts

As I mentioned a while back, I?ve signed up for new hosting with HostGator, and so far I?ve been very happy with what they do for me. Everything runs fine, is easy to sort, and I?ve already set up a few new sites over there. Of course I still have my 1&1 hosting which hosts most of my other sites, and so I?m still paying for two hosts when I only need one and so I really need to get rid of the 1&1 hosting. This means that I?ve got to move A LOT of files over and make sure that the sites work fine, and then finally I?ll be able to end my account.

Along the way though there are bound to be a few hiccups and yesterday the Thanet Blog List went offline as I was configuring the domain name servers (dns) and it would take a while for the changeover for the doamin to point from the 1&1 site to the HostGator site. This sparked a bit of a scare in blogland (here and here) where they thought that the site may have been hijacked. It?s all fine now but with all the site I move, there will be a little downtime whilst the domains are configured.

It?s nice to know that the site was missed as a while back I was losing interest in the site and hadn?t updated it for a while but now that I?ve switched it all over I feel a bit of a renewed interest in it, which is a bit annoying as I?ve got loads of other work to do with all the other sites (including my own).

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2 Responses to Changing Hosts

  1. Damien says:

    I recently changed hosts from my mates Dreamhost to Mediatemple and I like it!

    The DNS tho is a bitch probably thee biggest!

  2. Cody Bones says:

    Well good job, we here in blogland need more timely update from the life of Adem, get to it, Chop Chop. Happy New Year


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