Stayed at Ramsgate instead

Guess what? I never went down to Chichester at the weekend. Despite being knackered and having a hangover I was going to make teh long journey down, but after a few phonecalls I found out my place to kip had deserted me and that a few more people had dropped out, and so I took the decision to stay indoors and not travel. In all honesty I couldn?t be bothered to drive, be knackered, and probably not have as good a time as I would being my usual perky self. I?ll try and go down pretty soon when I?m tip top and in the mood.

So instead I didn?t go out this weekend apart from popping down the tip, and I felt much more refreshed when I went back to work on Monday. I guess I?m a bit more refreshed too now that the days seem to be getting longer (they are, aren?t they?), and it?ll soon be summer (not really but I like to think so!). I took these nice sunset pics on Sunday evening around 5pm.
That?s all for now although I?m sure I?ve got quite a few posts in me (I wondered why I was walking funny?.)

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2 Responses to Stayed at Ramsgate instead

  1. Cody Bones says:

    Adem, leave me an comment on my latest post, I?m curious as to what the ?younger generation has to say. Thanks

  2. Aravis says:

    *LOL* By all means, get those posts out before the damage becomes permanent!

    I love these photos. They turned out beautifully.


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