Utah Saints ? Something Good

?That’s all for now although I’m sure I’ve got quite a few posts in me?? yeah right! So as is always a stop-gap here comes a video courtesy of Youtube just to let you know I?m still here.

Utah Saints ? Something Good (1992)

I?m aware that I haven?t put out any posts of any real quality for a while, but that would involve me thinking, which is just too much effort at the moment, so you?ll have to keep waiting. Thanks to those who have made the effort to comment on the blog recently, as I?ve not been commenting that much but I have been reading your blogs via RSS, so don?t think I?m ignoring you.

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  1. Mark Wylde says:

    Wow, that?s quite a change from the new version :P

    It?s a good song though, and I like the new Utah Saints ? Something Good song: http://www.zilburt.com/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=1192

    Thanks for posting Adem ;)


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