Woman pedestrian killed in St. Lawrence crash

St. Lawrence MapI was on my way home last night when I saw that the whole of St. Lawrence High Street in Ramsgate was cordoned off by police, and I even had trouble getting into my own street, and I wondered what had happened, but luckily (?) my neighbour was there to give me the news, and it wasn?t good.

She said that there had been a crash in the High Street around the St. Lawrence Tavern and Budgens garage area where a Royal Mail van had ploughed into someones front garden. Obvously I cannot vouch for this as I haven?t seen it with my own eyes, so do not quote me on this. She also mentioned that there was another car that had been ?concertinaed? and that when she was there she had seen a woman getting CPR who had died at the scene. She also mentioned that police had driven around the area and she got the feeling they were looking for someone.

BBC News simply reports:

A woman has died from her injuries after a van hit two pedestrians in Ramsgate, Kent Police have said.

Officers said the vehicle was in collision with two women in Nethercourt Hill, just before 1730 GMT on Friday.

Police said one of the women died as a result of injuries received. She has not yet been identified.

The other was taken to the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, where her injuries are described as not life-threatening.

I?m sure we?ll find out in due course what actually happened, but all I can do is leave the police to do their job, and give my condolences to the family and friends of the woman who died, and hope that the other woman makes a swift recovery.

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