A trip down memory lane

Chichester Friends

Chichester Friends

I went down to Chichester for the first time since July of last summer, yes July 2007, and I can?t believe it?s been that long. I left Chi in 2004 and have tried to get down a few times a year, but I?ve been lazy and it took an engagement party to get me down again, and a great excuse to catch up with lots of old friends.

Having not seen people for quite a while the natural questions came up? ?how?s it going??, ?what are you doing now??, etc, and it dawned on me that my answer to every question was that absolutely nothing had changed since I had been down last, and to be honest nothing has really changed since I left in 2004. I?m doing exactly the same then as I am now. Depressing isn?t it?

I know I?m not the only one in this situation, but that still doesn?t make it any better. I guess the only comfort is that my job is secure and I get paid every month which is not the case for a lot of other people in the current financial climate.

People also asked if I missed Chichester, and yes I do, but I know that whilst I do miss the people there, what I?m really missing is the nostalgia of Uni life there, some of the best years of my life. I know that if I was still living there I would still be working all the time, and generally be in the same situation as I am now. It?s also worth noting that these little weekend snippets always give me a rose-tinted view of life there where everybody is out having fun and has no other commitments, but I know come Monday that the majority will be doing and thinking the exact same as me.I also remember that the reason I moved back was because I was getting bored of life there, so I guess it?s always a case of the grass being greener?

For now though I can look back and say I had a good weekend.

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3 Responses to A trip down memory lane

  1. Zhu says:

    Are most of your friends still there?

    Cause that?s the weird thing for me when I go home, where I grew up? everybody left and I can?t recognize the place anymore. Feels? weird.

  2. Adem says:

    I currently live in the town where I grew up and a lot of my school friends still live here so I?m not without friends here, but we all share the same experience and nothing really seems to change and I see them regularly.

    In Chichester I?ve got my friends from 1999 to 2004, and the place has changed too, but I still like it, but I know deep down, as mentioned in my post, that I miss being in Chichester for 1999-2004 and not so much for the present where I would probably be doing the same thing regardless of geographical location.

    I guess I should be happy to have two sets of good friends and stop wallowing.

  3. Adem says:

    At work today I had a chat with a couple of people and they felt the same way, stuck in a cycle, always repeating?. hmmm? what to change?


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