Hope in Obama

Barack Obama

Change you can believe in?

I found myself waking up yesterday morning, turning on the TV, and hoping that America had made the right choice. Why should I care as I?m not American? I care because I know what 8 years of Bush has done for the world and know how a wrong choice can effect the world.

I usually don?t trust any politicians, who seem to only be in it for themselves, a view tainted by local politics as well as on a national level, but for some reason Obama comes across differently. It may just be that I?m happy to see the end of Bush, but in Obama I see an intelligent person who I hope will restructure America to something that it used to aspire to, the land of the free.

Bush will only be remembered for war, the war on terror, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the war on Islam, and the war against freedom. It?s all too much to go into here but the demonisation of Islam, the detention camps at Guantanamo, and the enforced ?democracy? on other countries are things that really get to me, and I hope that this will change.

I won?t hold my breath just yet, but there is a chance now for change.

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4 Responses to Hope in Obama

  1. SwissToni says:

    part of me wanted to be cyncial and think that there is no way that any man ? nevermind a politician ? could live up to the amount of hope being invested in him, and that it?s all downhill from here?. but then, I decided that now was the time to dare to hope. To hope that an intelligent man who has shown he is willing to stand up to be counted is in the oval office, and the world is possibly standing at a watershed moment. If we can?t hope now, when can we?


    It?s almost enough to get me involved in politics here.



    (nice to have you back Adem)

  2. Adem says:

    Cheers for the comment ST. We can?t be cynical all the time, so I hope that this is the start of something?.

  3. Zhu says:

    I cared too, as a Canadian and as a citizen of the world. I hope the Bush years are definitely behind us and that Obama will be able to sort out the mess? not an easy task.

  4. j. says:

    There was plenty of cynicism already rearing its head over here, but I think everyone is feeling like you are Adem?not wanting to hold their breath, but hoping for the best.


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