Euroferries service between Ramsgate and Boulogne

The Viking at RamsgateI?ve just stumbled upon some great news via Ramsgate?s resident millionaire Eastcliff Richard in that a fast ferry service from Ramsgate to Boulogne is to commence in spring 2009.

Euroferries service commencing Spring 2009 between Port of Ramsgate, Kent to the French Port of Boulogne-Sur-Mer.

Dedicated Euroferries passenger terminal areas in both Boulogne and Ramsgate, including shopping areas, restaurant and waiting lounge facilities.

The service will accommodate cars, coaches and foot passengers.

Euroferries state of the art 98m high speed ferry provides a rapid journey time of 75 minutes. The vessel incorporates an extensive onboard ?tax paid? shopping area, restaurants and first class designated area.

Boulogne has many restaurants, historical places of interest and the Nausicaa National Sea Experience Centre. Adjacent to the Euroferries Boulogne terminal is a newly built casino, along with a recently completed motorway link which provides fast access to the national motorway network through France.

?Euroferries Express Coaches? commuter service linking the ferry to and from London via Ramsgate, Canterbury and the Medway Towns conveniently connects the service to London and the Olympic venues.

New motorway road links at Ramsgate provide a unique gateway to Kent locations such as Canterbury Cathedral, the Whitefriars shopping centre, as well as the newly built shopping and leisure complex at Westwood Cross all within 20 minutes.

The M2 motorway to Ramsgate provides a direct route from London to Ramsgate, avoiding travel congestion associated with other ports.

Leading UK and French coach operators in conjunction with Euroferries will provide a speedy and efficient service to day trip and tour passengers wishing to cross the channel.

Trans Europa Ferries is currently the only company to operate out of Ramsgate, travelling to Oostende (Belgium), but this service doesn?t accommodate foot passengers, dealing mainly with freight along with some car traffic. For someone who usually goes on the ferry for a ?piss up? the only option is to Sail from Dover.

Of course we should also be thinking of the possibility of extra tourism in the area coming over from France and if this actually goes ahead then it is fantastic news for not just Ramsgate, but Thanet, and will hopefully be a success rivalling the old ?Sally Line? days (see the Viking photo above or more photos here.)

Update 10/1/09: MP Stephen Ladyman says: ?The ferry is expected to arrive in Ramsgate in the middle of February for a start on 1 March? although ?Until then we need to keep our fingers crossed that no problems arise ? I?ll breathe a sigh of relief when I see the service started and we should save our celebrations until then.?

Article image (The Viking at Ramsgate (1983-89) used under CC from gravyphig

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  1. Applecakes says:

    Comment Removed

  2. trickydickie says:

    Don?t tease dear sweet child ? tell more!

  3. Peter says:

    Comment Removed

  4. Applecakes says:

    Comment Removed

  5. Peter says:

    I guess the cost of the paint for the logo must have done for them

  6. trickydickie says:

    Diagnosis = Premature evacuation!

  7. Ken says:

    Comment Removed

  8. Steve says:

    What are we going to do now!!

  9. Some proof or confirmation would be a good thing at this stage, methinks. Otherwise, if they haven?t ?gone bust?, they might well come after you for publishing malicious falsehoods!

  10. Paxman says:

    I have just checked the London Gazette and there is no mention of the firm going into administration etc.

    I believe that any firm that goes into administration or what ever it is called has it?s detailed added to the London Gazette.

    Where is Mr Ladyman? Would he know?

  11. trickydickie says:


    You can ? if it belongs to somebody else, and they want it back before you?ve paid for it, but you don?t have it any more. Selling short in a futures market perhaps?

  12. trickydickie says:


    BE is still in Santa Cruz!!!

    I don?t belieeeeeve it!

  13. R.O'Tate says:

    LD lines laying off crew too. All the staff fronm NA.

  14. Belle says:
  15. Steve says:

    I have emailed Steve Ladyman and am waiting for a reply, but don?t hold your breath.

  16. Steve says:

    I would have thought the first thing to go would be the booking site. I remember when the EU went into administration at Manston, the first thing taken off was the booking site, so perhaps we should wait and see.

  17. trickydickie says:

    Come on Applecakes, where?s the intell?

  18. Steve says:

    Just had a reply from Mr Ladyman regarding the alleged bankruptcy of EF. He says ?It is nonsense.?

    I see though the BE is still tied up in Santa Cruz.

  19. Belle says:

    Did he offer an explanation as to the delay/non-arrival of BE ?

    If you look at Thanet on Line Blog and the last comment on the EF piece it says delayed but two and a half days to get here ??

  20. Indiana Bones says:

    I just heard they had till 16.00 yesterday to come up with some cash and they failed. End of Euroferries.

  21. trickydickie says:

    Suppose I?ll now have start raking up leaves in the garden . . .

  22. Steve says:

    They still appear to be taking bookings.

    That?s all I got from Steve Ladyman I?ll wait until later when the BE doesn?t appear and then see what he says.

  23. Belle says:

    But who will be stupid enough to book !


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