Getting the most of my photos

If you stumble over to my flickr account you?ll see that I?ve been taking a few more photos lately, and so I should be considering I spent nearly 800 on my Canon 450d and lenses over the summer. The problem I have is that I take too many photos, opting for quantity rather than quality all the time and the reason for this is that most of my photos are recording events. Last Wednesday I was at a music gig and ended up taking several hundred photos, with my reasoning being that I?d rather have too many than too few, and can pick and choose what I like. All good in theory but it?s a lot of work to go through those, sort them out in photoshop if needed (especially if shot in RAW format), and then upload them.

I would ideally like to put a lot more into my photography and actually think a bit more about what I?m doing rather than just snapping away and hoping I get something good. I should be a bit more active and control what it is that I?m photographing.

Moodaholic photoblog

Moodaholic photoblog

I?ve been very impressed with Moodaholic, a photoblog by the talented Kenny Weng, and I would really love to be able to do half the things he has done. Each photo is beautifully composed and shot, then carefully selected and edited until the result is a unique work of art.

I may try and go through some of my existing photos and select any that I?m proud of and maybe set up a photoblog branching off from my main domain much like this blog does. That way I can focus on photos without having to have some story connected to them, and of course I can make a new template/style which will utilise the whole screen which I can?t do on this blog.

I?m not setting a timeline on this and so it goes into my ?things to do? pile.

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  1. Aravis says:

    A lot of photographers take tons of pictures, expecting that only a couple will be the artistic shot they?re hoping for. It?s nice that tons of film are no longer wasted on this method. :0)

    Wordpress has some nice plugins available to set up your own photoblog. I?ve thought about setting one up. In fact, I have had one in the past. These days, though, it?s hard to find the time to get out there with my camera, so I?ve given it up for now. Perhaps somewhere down the line.

    Should you ever move forward with this, I?d be interested to see it, and how you set it up.

  2. Adem says:

    I?ve actually had a little play already and set something up but need to configure it and get some photos on there before I link to it.

    Looking at other photoblog websites has been quite good but does show how little variety there is in my photos. I?d love to actually stage a photo and actually have some human interest too such as a portrait or something along those lines. I just need some models so will see if friends are up for it with the promise of a free print if it works out.

  3. tony flaig says:

    I was going to say the same as Aravis except for all that plugin stuff.

    In quantity you will find quality, also the great thing about photography I reckon is you can see things that never noticed earlier.

    Still I love photography and writing and am crap at both but what the hell it keeps me happy!


  4. Threelight says:

    Keep on going.

    I was on holiday last year, and on one day I took about 150 pictures, until my camera battery ran out. Not one of them has yet to make it onto my photoblog.

    There?s one or two that I really like, but I know I?m learning, so I allow for that.

    Once the weather warms up (unless we?re in the midsts of global cooling), I?ll be out with my camera.

  5. Zhu says:

    I am the same, I tend to take way too many pics? However, it is good practice.

    I will visit your Flickr when the connexion is better, maybe I can find inspiration!

  6. don says:

    Having just discovered photography as opposed to taking a picture I love our new (ebay secondhand) camera and I love skywatch friday We my wife and me have always loved sunsets and will often drive round the coast in the summer to get the best view and nearly always end up at Westbrook car park????. I am rambling nice piccies XXX Don


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