House update

Why does buying a house take so long! It?s already been 2 weeks since I first saw the house, and over that time I?ve had my offer formerly accepted, I?ve arranged the mortgage, I got all my insurance sorted out, I?ve paid for my survey (going ahead today) and I?ve given all my instructions to the solicitors. My part of all this is done for the moment and I?ve just got to wait for everyone else to do their jobs until I can complete on the property.

I guess I?m being a little impatient here as a few weeks back I was only casually looking a properties but now it?s all very probable that I?m going to be a home owner I want to get it all sorted so that I can get to work on decorating and renovating. *slap*

Sorry I had to slow myself down there as I was getting ahead of myself. I do not own the house yet. I may never own the house. Plenty of things could go wrong. *deep breath*

I?ve actually tryed to play it all down but I?ve been given lots of offers of free furniture and appliances as well as offers of help when it comes to decorating which is very nice of everyone. I?ll accept the free stuff but will probably try and do all the other work myself (unless it?s boring).

I guess I?ll just sit back and see what happens.

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3 Responses to House update

  1. Aravis says:

    It?s such a big decision to make but, once made, I imagine that you were ready to plunge forward. Of course, the wheels turn slowly and you?re stuck waiting. I hope it?s all resolved soon so you can get to the fun part! *G*

  2. don says:

    Hope it all goes well ??? how about an update you couldbe the only person in the country moving XXX Don

  3. The fact that you have everything already sorted out in such a short space of time is good. Now it?s up to the solicitors to talk to each other but make sure you stay in contact with your solicitor. You have to push the chain now to make it happen. Good luck


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