After my post ?Getting the most of my photos? I had a bit of a playaround and came up with this. I say ?came up? when all I really did was run another wordpress install under /photo directory and then installed this theme and installed this plugin.

I uploaded a few photos, fiddled around with a few settings, and *bosh* I have my own photoblog. I?m not linking to the photoblog as yet (apart from this post) as I still need to sort out the rest of my domain ( and and also need to think hard about design so there is some sort of pattern between my subdomains (/blog & /photo).

This is part of an ongoing project so I?ll update you when more happens, although you will probably notice when I do it as I?ll be tranferring this blog from to It?s just a simple matter of changing a few settings as both domains will still be active and forwarding where needed (I have to do this because of internal domain relevent link for images etc), but will be my main domain.

Not a very interesting post and I?m not exppecting any comments but I?ve noticed that my blogging outflow has reduced of late and so this is why this post is here to keep things flowing. Hopefully more news shortly.

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2 Responses to Photoblog

  1. Aravis says:

    Tough, I?m leaving you a comment anyway.

    I really like that template! I would choose something similar and, in fact, might.

    The first time I upgraded my MT a couple of years ago, the links to all of the images I had posted were broken. My most popular piece of art- ?Solitude? ? shows up #1 on Google, but is no longer attributed to me. I wrote the person whose blog it now appears to belong to, and he attributed the work to me with a link, but it sucks that my art and photos are out there without me, so to speak. I may have to go back at some point and correct things one at a time. I should have done something like you?re doing, but I didn?t know to do it at the time. I won?t make that mistake again!

  2. j. says:

    I really like the new photo blog. And your photos are fantastic.


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