Completing on new house next Tuesday!

See photos of the new house here

See photos of the new house here

I just got a call from my solicitor and he advised me that he?s exchanged contracts and that I?d be completing on my house next Tuesday 24th March! I only sent off the final set of papers yesterday and as I?ve got no ties I just put ASAP for when I wanted to complete. In hidsight I guess I should have put the weekend on or something but I didn?t expect it to be so soon. Sod it though.

I need to now get my water, gas, and electric sorted out so that when I get in there I can acually do some things. I?m not looking at moving in straight away and will spend a few weeks making it livable. I need to do quite a lot but money is going to be a bit tight first off so it will basically be a big clean, removal of old furniture in the house, taking up of manky carpets, some minor DIY, painting, etc so that I feel comfortable in there. Then it?s a case of getting all the big things done and realising how much it?s going to cost.

After mortgage, bills, food, etc I should have a couple of hundred pounds left out of my paycheck (I did a budget before to work out how much I could pay) and this will be going towards all those big jobs and may mean that there?ll be quite a few months of being a bit frugal with money.

It?s all very exciting and I can?t believe that in one week I?ll own my own home. I?m going to try and video the house first off without doing anything and then I?ll video thoughout the coming weeks to show you all what?s happening, and to also keep a record for myself. I am now officially excited even whilst I?m writing this! If you want to you can see photos of the house here.

Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to Completing on new house next Tuesday!

  1. Sam Cox says:

    Good luck. I look forward to the invite!

  2. Aravis says:

    I?m so excited for you!

    Yes, you?ll have to keep an eye on your budget. But as I recall, you?re up to the challenge. A couple of years ago you chose to be frugal and pay off your credit cards, and you did it just as planned. I know that you can do this too, and turn your house into the place you envision. I can?t wait to see the progress! :0)

  3. Zhu says:

    Congratulations! That?s a big step, it?s cool. Buying a house now seems smart.


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