Margate Quad Biking Photos Coming Soon

I had a cycle over to Margate today to get a little bit of exercise and to also see some of the quad biking at the Margate Big Sky Beach Cross Weekend.

I also took a lot of photos which I need to go through and upload.. but that will be for tomorrow, so for now here?s one to give you an idea.

Getting some air

Getting some 'air'

Update: You can now see slideshow of photos below.

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4 Responses to Margate Quad Biking Photos Coming Soon

  1. Thanks Adem excellent pictures

    • Adem says:

      . You can see more of my photos on this page.

  2. don says:

    nice shots I never went cos I new others out there would take far better piccies than I ever could well done nice shots Don

  3. don says:

    COR YOUR PICCIES ARE FANTASTIC I just went through the quadbike ones what a great lot of piccies thanks Don


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