St. George?s Day

St. George's Cross

St. George's Cross

If you didn?t already know, today is St. George?s Day, the patron saint of England We don?t seem to get a huge amount to celebrate about in this country and I for one believe that we should make a little more of this day.

I?m not talking about putting on your England football shirt, having a few cans of Stella, and screaming out Rule Brittania which sadly is the most patriotic a lot of people get up to, but something a bit more substantial.

The main thing is to not let this get pounced on by far-right political groups such as BNP or the National Front, who equate being English with being white. Currently the fact that we don?t celebrate St. George?s Day is actually used as ammunition by these groups who refer to ?political correctness gone mad? and over zealous councils wary of offending minorities as one of the main reasons why we don?t celebrate the day.

Should we celebrate this day? Yes. How do we do this? Not too sure.

Should it be that image of the Coronation with street partys and neighbourhoods getting together for a celebration? Should it be morris dancers and maypoles? Should it encompass what it means to live in England today and involve everyone no matter what their faith or background?

Is any of this possible? What are your views on making St. George?s Day a national holiday and how would you celebrate it?

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4 Responses to St. George?s Day

  1. Paul says:

    How about celebrating it by drinking pints of London Pride ?

    It is ridiculous that it?s not celebrated and that no-one flies the St Georges cross as it might offend people even though it?s part of the union jack anyway.

  2. Yes of course we should celebrate it. Bowler hats and G&Ts all round!

  3. Zhu says:

    Same in France? the Front National the Nazi party, totally stole anything patriotic, so people feel bad celebrating their country. Sad, really.

    Canada Day, on the other hand, is a lot of fun with concerts, fireworks, free Canadian flags and local art display..

  4. We should have a public holiday, & do traditional English activities, such as a day at the seaside to go to the funfair, take a stroll along the pier, etc.

    Oh well, I can dream.


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