Distractions in the garden

Clean garden

Clean garden

The garden is probably the last area I should be paying attention to in the quest to renovate and decorate my house, but the weather has been so nice that I deviated and went to work outside. On Sunday I had a good weeding and pruning session, and then borrowed my neighbours pressure washer to clean all the patio slabs.

Now that the inside of the house is coming along, I didn?t want to keep traipsing inside to get water for cement etc and so I installed an outside tap, and then made use of it as I had to make some mortar for laying some brickwork.

The wall on the left hand side (generally the responsibility of the house on the right here in the UK) had several rows of bricks missing, but I couldn?t just put new bricks on there as it would be completely out of character , so a visit to the tip on Manston Road, Margate, and I got around 30 weathered and worn bricks, completely free. I did ask the guys at the tip and they said that as long as I remembered them at Christmas then that was fine to take them.

weathered wall

the top two rows are new

Another factor in laying the bricks was making it look a little haphazard and not completely straight. I had no problem with this!

I did run out of bricks but I?m sure there are plenty more up the tip, but for now I?ll have to put my efforts back on the internal aspects of the house and finish those off, but I have to admit that the garden was a nice distraction.

I also got paid today so after what seems like eternity with no money I can buy some more things for the house and get cracking again but will try and busget a little more this month.

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  1. Aravis says:

    I think it?s good to take a break from whatever it is one?s working on; it?s refreshing, and clears the head. I like what you?re doing with the garden, and how serendipitous about the bricks!


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