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Today there was news that Laim Neeson is to play Hannibal in a new A-Team film, and last week it was reported that there would be a remake of the classic Total Recall which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, but do we really need these, and can anyone believe that they will be any good?

Is anybody expecting that these new versions will become classics. or is it more likely that they are just being used to milk a bit more out of the fanboys? I can perhaps see the reasoning about a big-screen version of the A-Team as there is no real story to stick to apart from the basic premise that there are wanted for crimes they didn?t commit..yada yada yada, and the film can go wherever it wants, but this isn?t the case for Total Recall. In my eyes it is a classic and there is no need for a remake, but Columbia Pictures wants to make a ?contemporised adaptation? and I can?t help thinking that it is just taking an easy way out to put another film on the production line.

I?m sure there are remakes of films that are actually better than the originals, which we may never of heard of, but I get annoyed when films, regarded by many as classics, get this treatment. Did we need a ?Get Carter? starring Sylvester Stallone? did we need an Italian Job starring Mark Wahlberg?

Money talks in Hollywood, and the thing to understand is that they make films, not to entertain, but to make money. Entertainment is just a byproduct of making a commercially viable film.

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6 Responses to Hollywood Remakes

  1. Couldn?t agree more, sport. Saw Terminator Salvation last night and although the action and CGI has moved on since the 80s and 90s, the story was pants. It just seemed like an excuse to rinse a few more sovs out of the franchise. Let?s start a ?Leave Total Recall alone? campaign!

  2. Michael says:

    Remake of the A-Team: Sure. TV show into a movie. 80?s nostalgia. It works.

    Remake of Total Recall: HORRID idea. You have to wait another 20 years from now to do a remake of a movie like that. They?d do better pulling a Lucas and just redoing special effects and re-releasing the original.

  3. Aravis says:

    I heard about this when Bradley Cooper was interviewed by Conan last week. According to imdb, Bruce Willis is rumored to play Hannibal which, to me, makes more sense than Liam.

    Yes, the past couple of years seem to be all about sequels and remakes of things that should have been left alone.

  4. Adem says:

    I could definitely see Bruce Willis as Hannibal?

  5. Ross says:

    Maybe Jim Carrey as Murdock ??

  6. Zhu says:

    They are definitely milking it and I wouldn?t bother? lack of imagination I?d say.


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