Party like it?s 1999

I saw this on the TV this morning whilst I was eating my cereal and thought I?d pop it up here. I was just wondering what dates we had to look forward to? The millennium is a pretty special date, and of course it doesn?t really mean anything but it was a nice round date to look to and I suppose it seemed that the years were gearing up for something, where as now it seems that the years are getting further away from something. It?s all psychological though and I guess it?s the totality of knowing that I?ll never see 2100AD let alone 3000AD.

What an odd post this is becoming and surely one to be consigned to the archives.


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  1. Zhu says:

    And I don?t know for you, but I feel this big ?gap? between those born before 2000 and those after. Like my younger brother is still young, born in 92? but my friends started to have babies (normal I guess, being in their mid-twenties to thirty years old) and obviously the babies are born in 2007, 2008 etc.

    Last century feels? old!

    Okay, not sure whether this comment makes sense :lol:


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