Weekend in London

I got back today from a weekend in London and have to say say that I had a great time. I?ve been looking forward to the weekend as I haven?t been out in a while having tried to stay in so that I had some money to go out with, and although I?m even more skint now than before, it was definitely worth it.

Annoyingly it is three of my friends Birthday?s on exactly the same day, 13th June, and so there is always going to probably be someone missing out. It was Steve?s 30th and he had arranged a party at the Spanish Galleon in Greenwich on the Saturday, and so Rachel put her 28th Birthday forward to the Friday night at The Miller in London Bridge, and the one to miss out on me as a guest was Mel who was having a BBQ on Saturday too, but as she is heavily pregnant this was the one that was less of a party.

Town of Ramsgate, Wapping, London

Town of Ramsgate, Wapping, London

What was really good about the evenings was that there was so little hassle. I was staying in Lewisham and transport was really easy, the venues were really relaxed, and most importantly everyone had a good time. It was good to get out of Thanet and meet lots of new people, and it has put me in a good mood.

One thing that we did do on Saturday daytime was go on a little walk and we ended up at the ?Town of Ramsgate? pub in Wapping. For those non-local readers, I live in the town of Ramsgate, and so I had to pop in, and we actually spent the whole afternoon there, sitting in the beer garden overlooking the river. Tim actually told the landlord that we were from Ramsgate and he didn?t look too impressed as I think a lot of people from our neck of the woods do exactly the same thing!

So it was back to Ramsgate this afternoon, and then work tomorrow?. how was your weekend?

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