?Cut It Out? @ the Otter gallery

I arrived in Chichester around 3pm on Saturday and had half an hour to spare before meeting up with Charlotte and so I took the opportunity to pop into the Otter Gallery, an art gallery located on my old University campus.

When I was at Uni I only ventured into it a couple of times, but now I?m a mature gentleman I can appreciate a little bit of art and so I had a look around and actually found it quiet impressive. ?Cut It Out? is the exhibition currently showing, featuring seven artists.

Cut It Out is an exhibition of established and emerging contemporary artists from the UK and Europe who are challenging the traditional boundaries of paper cut. They are exploiting the unique qualities of paper to make unexpected and unusual work, blurring the distinction between craft and visual art. Cut It Out seeks to explore artists currently working in this field, examining how their techniques and approaches are evolving paper cut into something uniquely modern.

You can read a bit more about it in this pdf or why not pop along to the Otter Gallery and see for yourself.

Now for a few photos I took on my phone:

Digging Words - by Oona Patterson

'Digging Words' - by Oona Patterson

Butterflies - by Ciara Healy

'Butterflies' - by Ciara Healy

Ream -by Oona Patterson

'Ream' -by Oona Patterson

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2 Responses to ?Cut It Out? @ the Otter gallery

  1. Zhu says:

    That is really cool! It?s contemporary art I can actually understand, pretty rare :lol:

  2. Aravis says:

    I love this sort of thing. It?s amazing what they can do!


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