Housewarming Date Set? Better Get Busy!

Yellow Dining Room

Yellow Dining Room

So I?ve finally arranged my housewarming for Saturday 23rd August which is great except for the fact it means I?ve got to get around to finishing off the house! It?ll be tight but I?m confident everything will be fine?

Although I?ve fitted the carpet in most of the rooms, I am getting someone in to fit the carpet in the front room, hall, stairs, and landing as this is all open plan and I don?t want to mess it up so it?s worth paying a little extra to get it done well. I?ve got them coming around at lunchtime to measure up and then I?ll have this week to finish decorating the front room before getting them to come back and fit the carpet before the party!

Boskoop Glory Grapevines

Boskoop Glory Grapevines

I would hope that it won?t be a mad rush on the last day before the housewarming but I know that won?t be the case! Have you noticed the amount of exclamation marks in this post? must be serious!

In other news I?ve finally got around to planting the grapevines I bought last week at the market. I?ve had a little read-up on how to grow them, prune them, etc but can I not just let them do their thing? Any tips?

That?s all for the mo as I?d better be making my house brilliant before the guests arrive!

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  1. Aravis says:

    If you?ll fly me over I?ll help you finish in time. ;0)

    I?m so happy for you. You?ve done so much, and it looks amazing! You should be very proud and pleased with yourself. Good luck as you pull it all together!


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