Eurotunnel tickets booked.

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There we go, I?ve just booked my 15 tickets to France with Eurotunnel. I?ve never driven abroad so it should be a bit of an adventure! Just a reminder that this offer runs until 17th December so book your tickets whilst you can if you fancy a bit of a day-trip.

In true British fashion I think I?ll just be stocking up on beer and wine in preparation for my New Year?s Eve party.

What are your plans for New Year?

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7 Responses to Eurotunnel tickets booked.

  1. Readit says:

    Talking of companies you love (to hate)

    Bonanza Express is scheduled to move off at midnight tonight for an undefined destination in Spain.

  2. Belle says:

    There are two entries for her today, yesterday has passed and she is still there, then the other one says remaining there until 31st December.

    Adem, just remember that when you exit Eurotunnel you are virtually on the motorway ! I?m going to take the same ticket on offer here for 15 Euro, just to buy some crackers, the kids love them!!

    Oh and a bit of Dry Sherry, Tio Pepe has gone up to 13 Euros a bottle, Tescos own will do me.

  3. Adem says:

    I?ve got some company in the car so I?ve got back-up in case I do anything stupid.

    I can?t believe you pay just 15Euro (13.69) and we have to pay 15 (16.49Euro). I?ll just have to buy more than you to make the savings worthwhile.

    I doubt I?ll save a great deal due to the strength of the Euro, but it?ll be nice just to get away.

  4. Belle says:


    It is still possible to benefit on the wine front, I?ve been getting reasonable stuff for under 4 Euro a bottle. Le Guide Hachette des Vins 2010 noted.

    Champagne at 9 Euro, it?s a bit tart, but mixed with a dash of Creme de Cassis etc. no-one knows the difference. Although some good value on Sparkling Wines at 4 Euro.

    I must tell you the cracker story, the very first time I put them on the table, the children having never seen them before started to unravel them thinking they were just presents. It was so sweet !

    Since then, some 13 years ago, they are a staple over the festive season, any left over getting taken home for their friends. Aaah?

  5. Adem says:

    4 Euro! I?m not made of money!

    Ha. When you first mentioned crackers I thought you meant cream crackers! Silly me. Do you not have Christmas Crackers over there then? Do you buy expensive ones or go for the cheap ones with the flimsy hat and the bad jokes?

  6. Belle says:

    No crackers here ? possibly in larger cities, never seen them.

    I go for the ones about a each, not that they understand enough English to get the ?jokes? anyway, not the same sense of humour either.

    Just been to LIDL, they had Fitou at 2,59 Euro and Cahors at 2,99 Euro both featured in the Hachette not bad, eh?

    The last time I bought some wine over there was Frascati at 3.49 and tried the 3 bottles for a tenner in ASDA, enjoyed the Argentinian, OH can?t abide the screw caps !

  7. Zhu says:

    15 pounds is very cheap indeed. Remember, it?s ?la? bire, but ?le? vin :lol:
    Zhus last blog ..


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