Staying in for New Year?s Eve 2009

NYE 2003

NYE 2003

For the past decade New Year?s Eve has consisted of going on a pub crawl in either Broadstairs or Ramsgate whilst in fancy dress such as Morris Dancers, Mr T?s, Nerds, etc but to be honest I haven?t enjoyed the past couple of years as much as I have in the past. I guess the main factors are that I?m not getting any younger and that it now costs quite a bit to go out, so I decided that this year I would be having a house party instead.

I broached the question to my friends and they all agreed that this would be a nice change and it would also mean that those with children would be able to come along (even if only for a few hours) without having to worry about babysitters and I really wanted to make it possible for everyone to come and have no excuses.

I?ve off to Calais on the 15th December (using the Eurotunnel 15 deal) and will stock up on alcohol in preparation for the party and will try and do a few more bits to the house between Christmas and New Year, but it certainly won?t be as much of a rush as it was getting the place ready for my housewarming.

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  1. every year we always have a party but for some reason this year is going to be huge.. I have to do all the cooking my husband is doing the barbaque I am so glad that i am taking the day off.


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