Birthday Beers

Division 4 Pool trophy

Division 4 Pool trophy

So yesterday was my birthday and after being on a course all day I went to my Mum?s for dinner and then went to the pub in the evening for what was going to be a couple of beers. Let?s just say I had more than a couple and ended up going to bed at 2am. It wasn?t fun getting up this morning for work, but I made it which is the important part.

Since the pool season finished I haven?t been to the that much and so yesterday it was good to catch up with people and I also picked up my winners trophy (Division 4) for the Thursday Night Thanet Pool League. I was actually suitably impressed with the rather swish looking award as I was expecting something small and plastic but all the members of the team got a glass trophy about the size of a DVD (see the photo). I?ve never actually won anything sporting before, and so I?m actually chuffed to get this, and it will take pride of place on my bookshelf in the front room.

The new pool season starts next week and as we?re playing in a higher division the competition should be harder but it will mean that we do get to go to some different pubs too which is always a bonus.

I?ve got a Birthday meal with friends on Saturday so it?s not the end of the celebrations yet.

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  1. Alecya Giovanni says:

    Don?t you love that I?m getting old enough I can?t drink like I?m 21 anymore feeling? We just went through that with our friend Guitar Hero. She and Kitten were a mess the day after (I was the designated driver, so I got to laugh at them)

    Happy Birthday!



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