Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you are all having a happy day no matter what you?re up to. Today I will be having my Mum and Sister around and I?ll be doing the cooking for them as it?s my first Christmas in the new house.

I?m currently peeling away and need to get the beef joint in the oven soon, then comes the perfect timing of when to cook all the bits and bobs and remembering not to forget anything.

Getting things ready for the roast

Getting things ready for the roast

It?s actually very peaceful at the moment and it?s nice to think that for at least one day a year all (most) of the shops shut, the pubs shut (apart from some open at lunch), and families get together with very little other distractions apart from what to watch on TV in the afternoon.

I?d better get back to work now, so have a great day. x

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